I had a disagreement several months ago with my sibling because he refused to help pay a bill while we both live with our father. He was soooo vicious and spiteful that to be honest, it scared me. Then he got pissed and hung up on me bc I told him I wanted to go away for a weekend and it happen to fall on his bday. I am moving out in a few weeks and even though we have 'made up' his viciouness affects me still. The stress and emotional toll is very very difficult bc I am a sensitve person. Has anyone else ever been afraid of their siblings? Ive come to the conclusion that he is a narcissist.

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I found that a person who gets defensive really feels guilty about the situation. Good that you r moving out.
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Dear Nantucket,

Sorry to hear what happened with your sibling. Its tough. I too am a sensitive person and have had issues with all three siblings. We've had our blow ups but then time passes and things seem to go back to normal. Since my father passed away, I am also pursuing counselling and support group to help me cope. There is also lots of good websites that offer some good advice.

Because you are afraid of your sibling, I think distance is the best right now. It is very hard to change a narcissist. The best thing to do is look out for yourself and your own well being. If you are afraid of your sibling hurting your dad, I would consider contacting Adult Protective Services or speaking with social worker to explore all your options.

Take care of yourself. Thinking of you.
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