How do you deal with advice that sparks fixations, paranoia and more?


Recently an old friend visited my mom for the first time in the AL. She brought along another person who was new to mom. A stranger. While there, mom gave this person her private papers and in turn this person gave legal, medical, and other advice. The person was not a medical or legal person. The advice itself wasn't problematic, but it triggered difficult behavior and mood swings. Following the visit, mom made 18 calls to one agency in one afternoon, and continued making calls for days. She said she was on the phone for hours and skipped events and meals. How would you deal with this? I called the friend and tried to explain how easy it was to trigger paranoia but I'm not sure they understood.

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These papers from SS were sent to her. We are not sure how since they don't have her address on file, only the conservators. It could be calls to from her promoted the paperwork. We strive to keep her free of paperwork.
She uses the phone hit and miss. About half or more of her calls make it out correctly.
As far as approved visitors only I'm not sure. I can't quite see the AL being responsible for that.
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Why does Mom have any private papers at her AL? I kept all my Moms paperwork with me. For one reason, I was the POA and needed the paperwork to handle her finances.

You have on ur profile Mom has Dementia/ALZ. Explain to these people that she no longer handles her finances. If they have any suggestions to call you. Does Mom really need the phone? My Mom forgot how to use one in her early stages so she didn't have one in her room.
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Is it possible to have only an approved list of visitors?
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