My mother sleep walks now and cannot be "woken". She just wanders about mumbling and doing nonsensical repetitive things. She looks at us when we speak, but does not answer or take direction. This is the period when she hides money or keys or moves things she has hidden and then they are lost forever. During the day, especially after getting up or after a nap, she does similar things but is verbal, urgent, paranoid and seems awake. She moves and hides things, and rummages. She also will talk to us, but will not take directions. The two behaviors are similar. Is this sleepwalking both day and night? Or are these two different symptoms of dementia?

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Yes BarbBrooklyn, all of the doctors are aware and she has completed her sleep study. She does have moderate obstructive sleep apnea. She has a cpap machine, but has barely used it. She struggles with remembering how to put it on and off. We try every day to encourage her to use it and help her. Partly she doesn't want to, partly she gets frustrated.
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Have you discussed these behaviors with her doctor/psychiatrist/neurologist?

Has your mom had a sleep study done?
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