How do I proceed to resign as guardian for my friend?


Rhonda has MS and dementia. She has been in a nursing home for almost 1 year. She is in a rehab facility now, to adjust her meds. She has deteriorated mentally. She does not recognize old friends and must be watched by staff, 24/7 . She is a danger to herself. The nursing home cannot take her back, as they do not have a lockdown unit, which is necessary. For my own mental health, I just have to resign. Should I talk to rehab social worker about resigning or wait until she is in her new nursing home ? The new facility will be 1 1/2 hrs. from my home. I will continue to visit Rhonda, but the stress is wearing me down. Also, she received a small insurance payout when her mom died, which I immediately reported to Medicaid. Alabama terminated her Medicaid coverage may 31st , until that is spent down. The new facility will be in Tennessee, so new papers will have to be filed in that state. I am just not sure when is the best time to resign .I have been told the Tennessee facility could file to make her a ward of the state or they may take guardianship. Just not sure , I want to do the right thing for my friend. The good news is, a caseworker friend, says the new facility is new and has gardens and meditation rooms to calm the patients. It is just a very, very sad situation. I did notify what extended family she has left.. I thought maybe hearing a voice from her past, might be a comfort to her. But sadly, they did not want to be involved. I would love to hear from y'all. Your advice has helped tremendously in the past. Thanks, for letting me ramble on. Carol

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Interesting question. I assume you were awarded guardianship by a court? If so, I think you'd have to petition the court to be removed as guardian.

If in fact you are a court appointed guardian, I would contact the clerk for the judge who signed the order of appointment and ask for instructions.
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So sad. For you, your friend and even society in general. It shouldn't be that difficult to oversee someone who is being cared for in a nursing home. The "red tape" ought to be pretty much nonexistent. But, of course, it's not.

Talk to the social worker to find out how to resign your guardianship. I'm imagining it's a letter to the court of jurisdiction. Maybe others will have more information.

Bless you for what you've already done for this friend. But even the angels can only do so much.
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