My dad lives 1300 miles away and was recently hospitalized. I flew up on Wed but had to come back Monday and he is still there and will need to go to rehab after. We are trying to get him into an assisted living when he gets out but his finances are a mess- organized to him I’m sure, but I couldn’t figure anything out! He pays everything online and has no checks. I took his computer to the hospital but he couldn’t find the info he was looking for. I took care of his basic bills for the month such as gas, water, electric but he doesn’t know the number for his landlord so I can’t figure out how to deal with his rent plus I have no way to access his funds to pay. I also need to try to get the assisted living set up, so I need access. I do have power of attorney and gave contacted his lawyer but does anyone have any suggestions how to find out what money is available and how to get this done??? I’m really stressed out about making sure he has somewhere to go when he gets out of rehab!

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There must be a lease somewhere with the information you need. If Dad is competent, write a letter explaining the situation and giving you the authority to have the bank give you info on all Dads accounts. The print out I received for Mom showed the savings, checking accounts, CDs and IRAs Mom had with totals as of that day. Have your POAs with you and have them put a copy of the financial on file.

Medicare pays the first 20 days 100%, 21 to 100 days 50%. After that its full pay. Supplements pay some but not all of the cost.
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