Expert answer from Carol Bradley Bursack in 2010 on this site:

“A doctor can put have a person go to a nursing home from a hospital. If she is at home, you could use your doctor as a help, if she is resistant. Sometimes they can convince people of the need.

But generally, you find the home you want, and get on a list if there is one. Then, when they have a room, you do the paperwork and get her in. 

To pay, they will use her assets. Once her assets are gone, Medicaid pays the bill, so make sure the nursing home takes Medicaid residents. Most have to take a portion of them, if they are non-profits, but I don't think private ones do. 

If she has few assets, you should call your county Social Security people and start the process of getting her to qualify for Medcaid.”
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OklahomaDreamer Apr 6, 2019
Thank you for this helpful information. God Bless you.

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