He's 65, no legs and goes to dialysis

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I don't know much about Medicare myself, so can't help you on that. Some things to consider, though...

1. Both of you need to get clear on what is expected of the other. How much he will pay you, and what exactly he expects you to do. Are there some things you just can't or won't do, like helping him with bathroom things if he needs it? Now is the time to speak up. Get it all in writing! It's to protect you AND him. There's countless times when friends mean well and want to help, but things get real different when it becomes an employer/employee thing.

2. Keep in mind he will likely get worse over time. Maybe he can use his arms to go from chair to bed now, no problem. But later on he may need you to lift him from his chair. Are you physically able to do that every day? He may be mentally fine now, but not so much later on. Can you handle that?

3. People on dialysis and amputees have special medical needs. Would you know how to handle them? Have you been a caretaker before?

4. Does he have family members that could cause problems? Sometimes it's the family members that make a caretaking job go badly.

5. If you currently have a job that pays all your bills, think about your future. Would you have to quit your job to care for him? You may be willing to take a pay cut because you're that good of a friend. But he may need to go to a nursing home later on, or will pass away. What will you do then? It may not be possible to go back to your old job or make the money you did before.

Sorry to sound like a downer! It's just there are a LOT of people on here who have done this and didn't realize what they were getting into.
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He can pay you.
If your friend is a Veteran check or have him check with the VA there are some programs that might help pay for his care and some programs that might pay you to help care for him.
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K1ng3ford Mar 18, 2020
Ohh so I can't get paid through his Medicare nd ssi I have to get paid through him cause hes not a veteran
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