My girlfriend has been working as a caregiver for a woman with dementia and her adult son who seems to have have some kind of mental disability that keeps him at home all of the time. After working for them a few months (and getting paid) she moved into a room at there house as a live in caregiver. Once she moved in they stopped paying her and expect her to clean up and cook for them 7 days a week without pay. There is an adult daughter who does not live with them but is in charge of the situation. They think that giving my girlfriend a place to stay is payment enough and she's basically stuck in this situation, too broke to move out.

Is there anywhere to report this situation or at least a way to get the state to pay? The woman and her son both receive disability from the state every month. I think it's around $900 a month for each one of them.

Also....both of us have worked on repairing the dilapidated house. It hasn't been painted or cared for in at least 20 years. There's mold growing throughout the house and my girlfriend is getting extremely sick. I know it sounds like I'm painting an extra bad picture here but this is a serious situation and I'm not sure where to turn.

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SO she gets injured on the job. Does she even have workers comp by them? She will not be able to sue people with low income. Does she even have a policy for her own health?
She does not receive taxable income. That means she is not contributing to her own social security when she eventually needs it.
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How long have you two been dating? If she isn't happy with the situation, she knows where the door is...
She can simply start looking for work elsewhere, and find a better fit..
And if you cannot commit to a more permanent home for her... then you need to let her figure things out.
Suffice it to say, maybe she doesn't mind having a "rent free "place. You are not offering her another way out. Let her be. If you are concerned... you know the next thing I would say..PROPOSAL !!! heart heart love love.. show her how much she means to you xoxoxoxoxo. :) Give the family a 2 week notice or more.. xoxoxoxo. Start that new family with her, let her know how much you love her. Take care of your loved ones and be well. THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!.
Things that are wrong with the home, and are unhealthy.. she needs to let the family know about those issues. She needs to show them what she is concerned about... EVERYTHING SHE SEEs in this home with this geriatric living in a place that needs fresh paint.. If it is a health issue, I am sure a social worker would be okay to go out and talk with the family... She doesn't need to involve herself with those issues.. It's the family's problems, not hers. She doesn't like it, she can just simply say : Thank You, I cannot do this anymore, I am giving you a 2 week notice... or a month notice for you to find someone to replace me...
If she is really concerned about the welfare of the person, she may want to call social services.
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Walk away. Get her out there before sun goes down! Stop working on the house. This is unsafe and I’d worry the man living there would hurt her.
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Help her get out. Contact the department of labor, what they have done is not legal. The service she is providing is worth roughly, $10,000.00 a month. Just think about the overtime alone. No two week notice either. Do it now.

Why did she move in?
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She needs to move out and get a real job. Now. Assuming you're in the US, slavery is a big no-no here. I think there may have even been a war about it.
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Caregiverhelp1, and chances are the woman and her adult son do not have a required "workman's comp" insurance policy in case your girlfriend should get hurt on the job.

Thus, your girlfriend should give two weeks notice, leave, and not look back. Take this as an expensive lesson learned.
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He says she worked for them and was paid until she moved in.

Your girlfriend has become a slave. She needs to tell them this. Room and board is not payment. Call the labor board. Why can't your GF stay with you? Where did she live before she moved in?

If she is hired privately, she needs to have a contract. I think the employer is responsible for tax and SS deductions.
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I agree with midkid. If these 2 people’s only source of income is a combine $1800 a month disability, your GF should have never entered in to this arrangement. Where did she think the money to pay her would come from? Why are you doing work for people living under the federal poverty level & expecting to be paid for it? Unfortunately there’s going to little legal recourse for your GF if the people she’s “working” for are on disability. They don’t have the money to pay her. She needs to leave ASAP and find legit employment.
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Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your GF is being abused and taking it.

Live in CG's make a LOT more than simply living rent free.

She's not going to get a nickel out of people who have $1800 between them to live from month to month. Your GF's services are worth at LEAST $1000 a month, on top of the free room & board.

If she is not employed by an agency, then she has no real recourse. Legal fees would eat up any funds she has and while she's certainly entitled to a living wage, she won't get it from these yahoos.

Stop working on the house and help your GF find other accomodations.
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