How do dementia patients do with Haldol?

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My mother is 93 and combative from her dementia when people try to take her to the toilet, give her meds ( she only takes Lisinopril for high bp all the rest are supplements), or give her a shower. She's been in the VA (nursing) Home for 2 months, but they are having trouble caring for her as did the AL where she was for the prior 8 months. She knows most family and can play games like dominoes and rummy, but doesn't like help.
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My only experience with Haldol was for a hospice patient.
It did help quiet the delirium. It did not hasten death.
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Hi Guljan,
This is, like any question about medication very individual to the person. This can depend on the age of the person, is she also taking other medications? There are many medications that will enhance or exaggerate the effects of Haldol and make the person less able to function.
Also, what is the reason she is being prescribed Haldol?
Many patients are given Haldol because they are suffering paranoid delusions. Patients who are older and who have dementia may have an increased risk of dying on Haldol. But it may be the only medication that effectively controls the symptoms of delusions.
I am sorry, but without more information, it is difficult to help you.
Best of luck,
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