My mother is in a nursing home in Kansas. She has alzheimer's. She is taking seroquel to help with sleep and anxiety. A state person reviewed her case and cut her dosage in half. She's not on that high of dosage to begin with. The nursing home did not inform us of this. We noticed my mom "change" and begin having a lot anxiety that she hadn't been having is how we came to find out about the change. Can the state do this? I am DPOA for mother.  She is private paying and not using medicaid at all.

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We have exact situation. We just found out after wondering if someone was stealing her meds. We are furious. Going to meet with the director and DON on Monday. Can't believe they can do this without informing us! One of us visits almost every day. When we placed her we stated that we wanted to be in on care plans and doctor visits. Not once in the 5 months have we been told of any changes in care plans.
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I'm a social worker in a facility and I have seen our pharmacy try and reduce certain medications on our long term patients about every 6 months. Throws these poor confused old people on the crazy train for a few weeks until someone says... Oh they changed her whatever again. Ask her PCP to write an order to not reduce or change those medications for the pharmacy and see if it gets you anywhere. Talk to the administrator and DON and insist they not change it. Good luck.
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I don’t believe anyone should change Mom’s prescription dosage but her physician, either the one in the facility or her primary care. And also, you should always be informed whenever there is any change in anything with your Mom, from behaviors to meds. I always was. I’d call a Care Conference meeting with the facility and find out why you weren’t notified. But first, I would call her doctor and let them know what happened.
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