Nursing homes are notoriously lacking in actually caring adequately for vulnerable elderly especially the ones that are immobile, cannot communicate and has dementia. This requires the family member(s) to visit daily and making sure that things are taken care of. With the pandemic, they are on lockdown with no visitation. How did you get through and did the nursing home live up to your expectations in terms of care?

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Southern, I'm so sorry that you believe all NHs are "notoriously lacking in actually caring adequately for vulnerable elderly". My MIL has been in 2 different LTC facilities and received excellent care in both. Neither was an expensive place, but both were faith-based non-profits. She recently recovered from covid-19 at age 85. The facility had many staff out sick who could not return until a 2-week quarantine so they were chronically short-staffed. At one point they had a single nurse for 16 elderly covid patients. I cannot even imagine what that would have been like. They tried to do FaceTime meetings with my MIL but they were so short staffed they had all they could do to just take care of the sickest people. WIndow visits work if your LO is not sick. We haven't been able to physically be with MIL since mid-March. I recommend you have realistic expectations as the facility weathers this internal storm that has no known end in sight. Be patient and kind to the staff. We were able to donate face shields which they greatly appreciated. I wish your LO all the best and as much TLC as possible.
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Southern20 Jul 13, 2020
So glad to hear your LO recovered from COVID!!! That must have been so frightening for you and your family and I can’t imagine what your LO went through. I’m also glad that your LTC facility is good. I live in a state where the nursing homes are the worst of the worst and according to the Medicare source.
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