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My dad’s evaluation was done at his doctors office, and he was diagnosed with dementia...
then, when he was admitted to the hospital after a fall, I requested a psych eval and he was determined to be “unable to live alone.” At that point, requesting help from the social worker came about. Ultimately, there was really no “magic solution”... dad was released to ME and he’s now in a retirement community apartment and I’m his primary caregiver.
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This is SO true! I was at the evaluation of both of my parents and made sure that I sat behind them when the eval was going on. That way I could shake my head "yes/no" when they'd answer exactly the opposite of what was true.
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You call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask for a "needs assessment". Make sure that you are there when the assessment takes place. Most elders give the answers they think the evaluator wants to hear and they sometimes overstate their skills.
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