If you are caring for a bedridden or otherwise immobile loved one, or if you, yourself are disabled, does your local fire department know where you are located in your so they can get you out in case of a fire?

Take the time time to call the FD closest to you and give them a floor plan of your home with the location of you or your loved one. They will enter it in their computer data base.

No one wants to think of a fire breaking out in your home. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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You have to be careful with this, there are a few bad apples in safety forces as well.

Your story brings to mind a man who died while on his tractor. The responding EMT took a wad of cash out of his pocket, only discovered after another first responder saw what he was doing and reported it.
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My dad has a lockbox on the front of his home, not visible from the street, that has a key to his house. The lockbox is only able to be opened by the fire dept or paramedics. This prevents them having to break the door down and gives them quick access if needed. It’s a service provided in his area
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Our County has an Emergency Management department. They have on record my husband is deaf. Going thru our development on a fire truck blaring "you need to evacuate" is not going to help my DH. So they know they need to knock on the door or break it down. They also have records of people on oxygen who would need electric if it went out. Calling your electric company and making sure they have this info too would be wise.
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