I am 81 years old, have had heart surgery and my right hip replaced. I will be having surgery to replace my left hip in a couple of months. The outside of my home is in need of painting. Also, due to the hurricane last year, part of my fence was knocked down and needs to be replaced.
I have limited mobility and am on a fixed income. Are there any organizations that could help me with the painting of my home/replacing of fence at no cost? Thank you.

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Thank you very much
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1. Are you a veteran and if so are you getting health benefits? Another "if so", then you're already registered. Contact the social worker for your team and ask about home care assistance.

If you are a veteran but aren't registered for health care, contact your local VA hospital, or VA office at county or state level and ask for assistance in applying for health care.

My understanding is that you need to be registered for health care before you can get home maintenance and upgrades assistance.

2. If you're not a veteran, contact Habitat for Humanity, which helps with home upgrades for people in need. You can also contact your local county, ask for a social worker and inquire if there are companies that offer free assistance in your area.

3. Contact the city manager, building inspection or code enforcement department of your local community and ask if they get HUD funds to help homeowners with emergency repairs.

4. If your state has an elder law agency, or other type of elder service, contact it and ask the same questions. You can probably find out whether your state has this service by googling the topic.
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