Anyone know about free home repair services?


Volunteers or some organization that would come to your home and do repairs?



Most large industrial or commercial construction companies (especially union based) have a company foundation they "donate to" for a tax write off. Google that for your area and call to get application material. Most people dont know about it so the money sits untouched. If it is a specialty like painting or electric, look at those also because they do the same. Dont bother with general residential contractors because they wont do it unless its a charity and advertising is promised.
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Gertie, this question is asked periodically, so there are already some answers you can read in addition to the ones here.

This is the link to other posts: home repairs

The VA also has some home assistance for qualified Veterans.
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Senior sites like elder care may have some leads on low cost services.
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I called my Agency on Aging and got a list of people to contact regarding home modifications and repairs. There are also church groups and in a close-by city, a group of off-duty firemen did a lot of repairs on a senior’s home.

We can’t relocate to an apartment because our house would not sell and we wouldn’t be able to keep our pets.
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Gertiemae, I realize many people want to remain in their homes, but when it comes to a point where one can no longer afford to make repairs, it is time to think about downsizing into a home that is more manageable.

Eventually the cost of real estate taxes, utilities, and homeowner insurance will get to a point where it also becomes too costly. Easier to downsize now while one is still able.

I know I was so happy when my own Dad decided it was time for him to move into senior living. His house, even though it looked great from the outside, it was a comedy of errors inside.

Flush the toilets and it sounded like a freight train was roaring through the house.... plumber to the rescue. Then I found water on the basement floor, it was a real mystery as to where it was coming from, it took several months to find the problem... plumber was called out....

the dishwasher had stopped working a decade ago.... half the burners on the stove worked... and the refrigerator was making this loud growling noise when on defrost. And the glass sun porch would leak whenever it rained... [sigh]. So the house sold "as is", Dad was happy with the price, the buyer was happy with the price. Win-win. The buyer is doing major remodeling :)
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You can call the Area Agency on Aging in your county to see if there are any programs
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