I did not want my mother in a nursing home as this was also her wish. My siblings wanted her there only for reasons she would be closer to them but they never visited her. My sister lives in Florida and took care of mother for 3 years. Just before mother came home to Ohio to live with my husband and I my sister had POA papers drawn up for her health. My mother did not have living will while she was in hospital doctor ask me about this so I had one next day mother signed it. I was then ask who had POA of her health, I told them my sister in Florida they said why not someone here have POA made since next day I took papers mother signed them I then became POA of her health. I showed nursing home they put everything in their computer, my siblings knew I did not want mother in a nursing home and some how the POA was revised from me back to my sister in Florida, I found this out went to the director ask how this was changed she said she would give my papers to the nursing home attorney. Three hours later I received phone call stating my papers are the correct papers I was then put back in computer as POA. How can this happen?

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juhaszeli, I see from your profile that your Mother has Alzheimer's/Dementia and is living in a nursing home.

I understand it wasn't your Mom's wish to be in a nursing home. Usually those wishes come when the parent is healthy with a clear mind, still able to go about on their own. Sometimes wishes have to be broken because one person cannot take care of a parent. Working 3 shifts with very little sleep is physically and mentally exhausting. Unless you plan to hire around the clock caregivers. My Dad had 3 shifts of caregivers per day, it was costing him $20k per month. Would your Mom be able to budget that?

I am very curious, how were you able to get a Living Will and a Power of Attorney the next day from an Attorney, without your Mom being present? Or did you print paperwork off of the Internet? Please note, this isn't a do-it-yourself project. One misplaced or missing word can upset the apple cart big time.

There are usually two POA's, one for medical and one for finance. Or a dual POA can be made to cover everything. I am not quite clear who now is Mom's POA for both items? Can you clarify.
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