Mom gave POA to our younger sister. Older sister wants copies of Will/POA, etc., is she required to give it to her?


4 Siblings and our younger sister was given the POA, will, etc... My brother and myself are okay with that. Suddenly older sister is wanting copies of everything. She refuses to have mom stay with her, does not help and maybe twice a year takes her to lunch. Is my younger sister required to give her copies of everything? She has resented our mom for decades and now with our mom's health declining she is trying to get information. Thank you for your time!

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No. In many cases the POA will share lots of information with siblings, but that depends on the family dynamics and the principal's request. The POA does have a responsibility to protect the principal's confidentiality. If Mom says, "give copies of my will to everyone," fine, do it, but otherwise distributing private information is not allowed.

Personally, I would give everyone a copy of the POA document and at least the portion of the Advance Directive that names the medical POA. That establishes the authority of the POA to act on Mom's behalf.
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