I need to have my dad sign a power of attorney with a notary. He has no problem with it, I'm afraid the notary won't notarize Dad's signture.

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Geotina, this is a good reason to have an Elder Law Attorney draw up the Power of Attorney, along with other current legal documents.

What I did for my own parents due to the fact all their legal documents were older then dirt, is that I had scheduled an appointment with an Elder Law Attorney for a time that I knew my parents were sharp, like late mornings and early afternoons. Later in the day, their brains would be too tired to understand such documents.

Elder Law Attorneys will not allow a person to sign their Power of Attorney if the Attorney feels that person doesn't understand what is going on.

Or does your Dad not know how to write his name, which isn't uncommon in some cases where a person never learned how to read or write, thus use an X as their signature. An Elder Law Attorney knows what to do in that case.
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You are worried about this because of his alzheimer's / dementia?  How advanced is his condition?
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