Geographical separation is a problem. My sister needed very invasive surgery on quick notice. She wants both of her brothers to have POA. My brother works in NYC where my sister lives, while I live in Illinois. We have each executed/ notarized separate (but identically worded) POA documents because of geographic logistics. Does that work? Or do we need to have ONE document appointing both of us as having POA that we must both execute in the presence of the same notary? Thanks

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Evans, one could use the one document and have the Attorney FedEx the original to the you for your signature in front of a Notary in your State.... then return same using over-night delivery.

But I noticed that time was of the essence, so the Attorney used one document, your copy I assumed was scanned to you for your signature and Notary. Thus you scanned back, with the original mailed.

It's better to have done it the way the Attorney recommended then to have nothing at all. Hope you and your bother have thought about having your own Power of Attorney, Medical Directive, and Will or Trust done.

I hope your sister's surgery was successful.
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