How can I tell if my mother is lying to me?

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Please have your mother checked for dementia and a UTI. If she wasn't a liar her whole prior life, cognitive decline would explain this "lying" behavior. She is actual delusional, and it may be due to an untreated UTI. Please take her to the doctor and accompany her into the exam room. You can use a "therapeutic fib" to get her there, like "all Medicare recipients are now required to have an annual physical". At the exam discretely pass the doc a note stating your concerns for her and request they give her a cognitive exam and test for UTI. An untreated UTI can lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

This forum is a wonderful place for people to educate themselves about the issues connected to aging and decline. There is much to know about dementia so that you don't misunderstand your mom's behaviors. There is also much to know about helping her prepare legally and financially. Please read some of the topics about Power of Attorney and qualifying for Medicaid. "Fore warned is fore armed." In order to help your mom you need to arm yourself with knowledge. This info will help YOU prepare for your own aging process as well. I wish you success as you move forward with your mom.
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Does your mother have dementia?

Have you asked your husband about this?
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I need a good answer please
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