My parents moved to my house more than three years ago. They had a large house and gave away some furniture, but there is still a lot of furniture and boxes of stuff that they moved to my basement, garage, and spare bedroom. My husband and I would like to dispose of (either sell or donate) and use the money for their care. The items won't yield much, but someone else could make use of them.

If I ask mother what to do with the furniture, of course she would want to keep it. Father would not know what I was talking about. Since parents have been here they have not used any of the items. There must be hundreds of dish towels, linens, tablecloths, cookware, etc. Most have never been used and still in the original wrapping.

We want our space back and would like to know how to handle this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I had a whole storage unit delivered to my home to store the valuable stuffits really nice to have . and actually burned what i could gave away what i could and i filled a 30 yard dumpster UNBELEIVEABLE thankfully i live in unincorporated area!!i still have toooooo much stuffff
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I would not say a thing to them. Start with the garage first. Figure out what you can make money off of and get rid of the rest. Church kitchens could use dish towels. I gave a lot to my Churches yard sale. Once you do that. Start on the basement and store the good stuff in the garage. Same with the bedroom. Try to sell what is good, on-line yardsales are great. If not sold then donate furniture to Habitat for Humanity.

You did more than I would have. My Mom took with her what she need in the AL and the rest I gave away. No storage at my house.
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I would have a trusted friend take them for a day or half day and get that stuff out of your house.

I have 4 households of junk in my house and am currently in the process of getting rid of others junk. If they can't remember it is here, they'll never miss it and I want my house back.

If anything ever comes up, I have no clue what you are talking about, I am done being a free storage unit for stuff that obviously means nothing to them or it wouldn't be at my house.

I would invite family to buy items that they would enjoy having and sell or donate the rest. You would be surprised at items that charities appreciate receiving, such as unusable clothing, it is cut up and sold as rags to companies that need disposable cloth rags. My point being if you can't sell it, donate it and not throw it away. You never know how items can be repurposed.

Enjoy getting your home back, the least said the sooner mended.
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I agree with PB, but if you all live in the same house, it would be kind of difficult to have things, especially furniture items, moved from the home without her noticing. Plus, Mom, like me, probably has some meaningful things. Even if they’re only meaningful to her. I have a Homer Laughlin bowl that was my grandma’s that I use for display only. I used to help her cook and the bowl was integral for mixing dough and other things. It’s meaningless to anyone but me.

You can tell Mom that you’re thinking of redecorsting and you need room in YOUR house to do so. Ask her to remove any items with true meaning and you will sell or otherwise dispose of the rest. Put a time limit of a month on it. Keep to the schedule and remember this is your home and you are not a satellite PODS storage facility.
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demstress Oct 10, 2018
Thanks for your response. All the items that have meaning to her are in her room and sitting room, which is uses every day. The items in my basement are a large dining room set (table and eight chairs), a hutch, and my old bedroom set. I don't think they will be using any of these things any time soon.
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"My husband and I would like to dispose of (either sell or donate) and use the money for their care. The items won't yield much, but someone else could make use of them."

You already answer your own question. Since your mother hasn't used her stuff, she probably won't remember them. So, sell them and don't tell her. If she asks, tell her they're in a storage facility.
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demstress Oct 10, 2018
Thank you for your response. My mother has no idea what she has. She has dementia. She has not been in the basement or garage since she has lived here. One dresser contains nothing but sweaters still wrapped up in plastic. Another dresser contains beach towels. I know my parents will never use them and thought someone else might be able to use them.
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