How can I get someone to notice how mean this CNA is?


The CNA laughs at my 92yr old mother and turns her against me. My mother is afraid of her. I am indirectly threatened to keep quiet. Mom is in a concentration camp. She sleeps sitting up in dirty old Chinese chairs. We are not Asian.

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You can speak freely here, without fear. I have concerns that whatever is happening is so disturbing to you that it is driving you crazy, or making you feel crazy.
Perhaps find a temporary advocate (a friend, a relative)
who can observe and intervene on your mother's behalf, while you step back and relax, gain some perspective.

It is common that some facilities cause concerns for the resident and the families. Unfortunately, not speaking up is one of the worst ways to handle any issues.
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I don't know what state you are located but presumably the facility is licensed by the state
If the ombudsman can't help then file a complaint directly with the state

Perhaps others who have parents on Medicaid can offer up how they were able to transfer mom from one facility to another - they are not all alike but even Medicare 5 star rated facilities are lacking in some areas

God bless
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You all are so right! But I cannot speak! I represent my mother's wishes but I am afraid to speak now because they make me feel like I am crazy. She has been at this nursing home 22 months. She is on $500+/month of meds now. In fact, I think they might be conflicting. I am thankful her ankle monitor has been removed. I am not quick with android phones (because of my hand tremor) or I would have recorded or videoed. I have tried the ombudsman route. Everything gets quashed. I am not making things up. I only respond to what I see. We are down to Medicaid, therefore we have to live with what we get. I am still a little over a year under 65 myself and I am thinking suicide is better than what this new generation is going to do to us!
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mimosalane, a chair is a chair, doesn't matter from what culture the chair was designed, anyone can sit in said chair. I would ask the head nurse at the facility as to why your Mom won't sleep in her bed, but instead in a chair. Does Mom's back hurt if she is lying down? Maybe Mom finds this chair comfortable. Is Mom a fall risk if she is in he bed?

How do the other CNA/Aides, on their shifts, act toward your Mom? 

If you don't get any answers, then time to start looking for a new facility.
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I have no idea what a Chinese chair is but any facility that leaves someone in a chair all night should be reported to the state licensing agency
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Where is your Mom? A facility of some sort? We had asked to have the aide working with my loved one. Got no action. Then we asked to move her to an area served by another aide. That was granted! But before that happened (took forever to paint) we just moved her to another facility. The care there was SO OUTSTANDING we were sorry we hadn't done it sooner!
Typically there is an ombudsman with an 800# for facilities. You might try that.
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