How can she move to a different affordable housing ASAP? My mom is living a senior citizens apartment and was asked to sign some papers, which she did. But when she signed the paper she was going to date them when the lady of the office told her that she wasn't supposed to do that because she was going to date it later. My mom told her that whenever she signs, she usually dates the documents. That when everything hit the roof. The lady at the office told my mom that her rent was going to go up because she didn't sign the papers correctly. She told my mom that she was tired of her and was going to call the police and my mom said go ahead since my mom knew she didn't do anything wrong. The lady at the office didn't call the police but yelled at her to leave the office so my mom did. The lady slammed the door on my mom's heel and back. My mom told the lady that she hurt her. My mom could hear her crying and talking to someone. My mom went home and called the police and they said they couldn't do anything about it. She has been trying to move from this place but is on a waiting list. Now its getting worse everyday since she feels that they will kick her out of the apartments and be left homeless. PLEASE HELP!!

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Your poor mother. I'm very sorry she has this worry hanging over her.

I agree with BB that if you'd been a fly on the wall in that office you might have a different view of what exactly happened, and who said what and what they meant by it.

But I've had run-ins myself with jobsworth admin people getting tetchy when I won't sign incomplete, undated forms, and what your mother told you rings true to me, I must say.

Then again. Your mother has been planning to leave this apartment for a while - is this just the latest in a series of situations she's had with the apartment management? What's the background?

Slamming doors on people is very rude. Bumping them is worse, but probably accidental. If you can, it's probably best just to sympathise about the door-slamming but encourage her to put it to one side - hard to prove the allegation, and it's only going to complicate things.

Then there's the question of whom you can approach to get things sorted out. The woman in the office doesn't sound like she's exactly great at having constructive conversations. Can you get in touch with her manager, without pointing fingers or making the trouble worse?
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The reason for the date may have been to mom's advantage. It sounds as if she is living elsewhere now. By dating it as she did the company may be required to charge rent when she is not actually living there. POLICIES, UGG!
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I think you need to call the management office and inquire what their version of this story is.

Do you have power of attorney for your Mom? Do you accompany her to doctor's appointments?

There came a time in my MIL'S life when she started telling us of events very much like what you are recounting. The truth of it was that she had developed dementia and was no longer able to conduct her affairs in the businesslike manner they required. She became paranoid and suspicious of everyone.

I'm not saying that this is happening to your mom. But before you seek to move her, investigate a bit about what actually transpired. There may be an easy way to fix this so she can stay.
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