My husband is disabled suffers with a mental inpairment and I have a 25 year old special needs daughter, my problem lays with my husband.

His oldest sister pushed us into marrying she is power of attorney a very nasty person I just do not know what my husband can do and cannot do. Everything falls on me housework etc I see him as lazy which he was babied also.

This is taking a toll on my health I feel also I do have my daughter in a day support program 5 days a week.

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I don’t understand, in this day and age, how anyone could be “pushed” or forced into marriage. I didn’t think shotgun weddings existed anymore. Were you pregnant when you got married? What kind of power does your sister-in-law have over you, personally that she could force you to marry her brother? And why does she have his POA and not you? What kind of mental issues does your husband have? Is he abusive toward you? Does he have dementia or does he have brain damage?

My husband is bedridden and I do everything for him but feed him. I also take care of our finances and the house and laundry. But not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver.

Are you and your daughter being held captive? Contact Legal Aid if you have no money and get out. File for food stamps, find low-income housing and see if your daughter is entitled to any aid. Leave your husband and his sister to each other.
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I'd consult with an Elder Law and Family Law attorney to explore your rights and responsibilities. You may find one who does both or a firm that has both in their firm, but, I'd inquire about the situation and get your options.

Is your daughter a minor? Is your husband her father? Was he competent when he appointed sister POA? Is it a Durable POA? Is husband competent now? Can he change the POA? Can you arrange for help to come in to help with husband without his sister's consent? There are just so many questions that come into play.
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Why did his sister "push" you into marrying him. Are u illegal or him? Where you living together? Are you financially dependent on him? If not walk out and get an annulment especially if no intimacy. Sounds like you are a slave. Her having POA has nothing to do with you unless she is handling his money.
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