What do I have to do cause I can't work?

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Cauthornee, I see from your profile that your Dad is still quite young being 73 years old. And that your Dad has hearing and vision problems plus had a stroke. What physical care does your Dad need? Has Dad had physical therapy for his stroke? What are his limitations?

Curious if Dad can remain at home on his own if he is mobile around the house. If yes, then you should be able to work full-time. Even those of us who work full time and help care of love ones spend our weekends doing grocery shopping and laundry/cleaning. I know, not enough hours in a day :(

As for doctor appointments, I remember using up my work vacation and sick days for going to the doctor with my parents who were in their 90's. Eventually I realized that my parents didn't need to go to the doctor quite that much. I was able to stretch out the time between appointments. Plus I was getting to a point of hating to drive, being a senior myself :P

Is there an adult day care in your area? Either County run or church run. If your Dad likes being around people closer to his own age, he may enjoy going there. Yes, I realize your Dad has hearing and vision issues. But it is worth a try.

There's a lot to think about. As the other writers had mention, see what is available in your County for seniors.
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Can he afford to pay you? That is how most family members get paid for their caregiving.

Your state may offer some minimal hours with minimal pay, as molly stated contact your local area on aging and they can assist you in finding what is available where you are.

They will not pay anything near a 40 hour week in most areas, I don't think it is a replacement for a regular paycheck.

If your dad needs a ton of help, I would also ask them about getting an assessment done and see if it's possible that he needs a village at this point.

It's commendable when people want to care for their parents, but sometimes it's just not realistic and a facility is the best option in a bad situation. You can not give up your security and future to keep him in home. If you can afford it and have support in all things, then it could be a viable option. Please look closely at the reality and never promise him you won't move him.

Best of luck.
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In my state, you can’t get paid unless the person you’re caring for pays you. Under certain qualifications, the state will send in a professional caregiver for around 4-6 hours a day. You need to check with your local Council on Aging to see what is available for your situation.
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