She has end stage renal failure and is on dialysis 3 times a week. She lives with me and goes to her house 1 night a week which I stay at her house. She is 84 and has Medicare.

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You set up a care giver contract with your mother, she sells her house to fund her care and you are paid the agreed rate.

Have an Elder Attorney set up the contract, so it will not be questioned if she needs medicaid in the future.

Things to include:

Hourly wage
Hours of work

Care giving you will provide:
Rides to appointments
Food Prep
Medication dosing
Help with bathing
Incontinence care

Also list the things you will not do and would either need to be hired out or would indicate that a care facility is needed.

Share of Utilities
Share of groceries
Share of Property Tax, Maintenance, Insurance etc.
All her personal expenses

Plan for when her care gets to be too much for you to handle on your own. Or her behaviour gets to be too unruly.

It does not make financial sense for your mother to be maintaining a house if she is there only 52 nights a year.
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