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Sorry, Joe, you lose all your benefits when you quit work. The only way you can get paid would be for your Mom to pay you. Some States, Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] will pay a grown child to be a caregiver, some will pay a somewhat decent salary, others pay minimum wage for a few hours each week.

As you are finding out, gone is health insurance, gone are paid sick days and paid vacation days.... depending on where you worked, gone are matching 401(k) and company profit sharing. And gone are monies being placed into your social security and Medicare.

I realize this places you in a tough position, especially when there is a parent who you feel needs your help. I remember my Dad asking me to give up my career, which I had worked hard to achieve, so I could be available to drive him and my Mom around since Dad could no longer drive. I asked Dad if he gave up his career to care for his parents or Mom's parents. Dad never asked me again.

I realize everyone has different budgeting issue when it comes to caring for a parent. The parent needs to pay what they can, and if finances are an issue, then look into Medicaid as other writers had recommended. Medicaid will pay for your Mom's care in a nursing home. Yes, I know that may not be what you want for your Mom.

Also note, close to 40% of family caregivers die leaving behind the love one they were caring. Then what? Are there other relatives who would help, or will Mom be placed in a nursing home. Something to think about.

Dementia is a complex journey for the patient and for the caregiver. As other had mentioned, your Mom will need more care. It is impossible for one person to do the work of 3 full-time caregivers. My Mom needed a whole village to help her when she eventually was moved to long-term-care.
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Sorry, just read ur profile. You have already quit a job. Mom is 90, aren't you close to at least 62? Are you collecting SS? Not sure but check with Medicaid and see if you qualify.
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Joe: First, you matter in this equation! You must focus on yourself, your current finances, and your future. As Shane wrote, you have to plan for your own retirement.

Second, echoing JoAnn's comment about getting with Medicaid or Social Services and Aging to see your mother into a care facility. Dementia will cause your mother to decline. Her needs will increase. Eventually you cannot be the only one to care for her, especially if you quit your job. Satisfying her needs can only done with in-home assistance, which Medicaid MAY help with or may require payment, or in a long-term facility.
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Unless you can have your mother pay for Obamacare premiums and deductibles or you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid yourself, I don’t think as part of being a CG for mom will offer insurance benefits.

Thus as stated above please don’t give up a job that offers insurance coverage and/or additional employer offered programs. (Vision, dental). You have to think of yourself too & plan for your own retirement.
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Maybe you shouldn't quit your job. Find other option for LO. There is always Medicaid if they qualify. It may help with homecare or care in a LTC facility.
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