Can’t afford to purchase new.

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When my father died we donated his lift chair to St Vincent de Paul (similar to Goodwill) they had a list of people who were waiting for a lift chair.
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Check out how much Medicare would fund a lift recliner purchase with a doctor's prescription so you know how much you really need to buy a new one.

Sometimes various family members will each contribute something - maybe as a present for Mother's Day?

Suggest you send a letter letting the local real estate and auction houses know of your need too. Often when liquidating an elderly person's estate there are a few items available for free because there's not much market for them or the family would prefer to pass them on to someone needing them. My SIL was gifted a powered wheel chair because a real estate agent knew of her need and passed it on to the family selling their parent's home.

Use ISO (In Search Of) postings on facebook or craig's list to connect with people who might like to pass along a used recliner.
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Check out on line yardsales on Facebook. Craigs list.
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