My brother-in-law is in the bed more hours than he is up. The mattress that came with his rental electric hospital bed has a "hole" in it where the mattress has given in. We bought an egg crate but it has sunken into the hole as well. Looking for a new mattress that isn't too pricey but will have more support instead of giving in. The hole is making it hard for my brother-in-law to get out of his bed. Any suggestions? I have looked on line and have become more confused. Thank you!

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Thank you for the suggestions and advice. I told my husband we need to contact the rental company about replacing the mattress, but he wants to buy a new one. I truly appreciate your response!
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I don’t know mattress brands but I have a few suggestions.

Have you contacted the company you are renting the bed from? They might provide another mattress.

My Mothers did. We also tried “toppers” but in the end she preferred the original mattress.

Her bed was supplied through Medicare. If he has traditional original type Medicare, his doctor could order him a bed. The company that provides it gets paid by Medicare for a couple of years then the bed belongs to your BIL. No rental fee.

However, the company is no longer responsible to maintain the bed after it belongs to BIL. (The Medicare Advantage Plans May also provide a bed-I’m just not familiar with them).

About having too much money for Medicaid. There are work arounds for that.
You need to get a consult with a certified elder attorney to explain to you and DH how BIL can qualify for Medicaid. I checked and a Miller Trust is available in Georgia.

Have you checked to see if he is a candidate for hospice? You could get a little more care through them.

Also contact your Area Agency for Aging and ask them to do an evaluation of BILs situation to see what help is available.

The situation you and your family are in is awful. I’m really sorry you are going through this. There is help available. If your DH won’t work on it with you, then you must for your own health. Many caretakers die before the one they are caring for.
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