My mom is in a SNF and has begun leaving to the right. So much so that she leans way over the right arm of the wheelchair. The facility rolls up a regular soft pillow to brace her up, but inevitably she leans again.

Any suggestions or advise would truly be appreciated.

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Thank you all so much for the advise.
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When Mom started to have falls out of her wheelchair, they refitted her with a smaller/narrower one (she’s very tiny) and also provided a solid pad that’s the shape of a large L which slides down the inside of the chair like a big armrest right up to her shoulder. This helps her position properly side to side and keeps her propped up better.
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They are not allowed to restrain but under the circumstances I wonder if one of those belts they use on a paraplegic that is paralized from the neck down would work. Just found this site

There's a trunk support. I would check with Medicare, supplemental or Medicaid and see if they cover something like this.
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cwillie Jan 18, 2019
Sorry Joanne but seeing people slumped over in totally inadequate wheelchairs is one of my pet peeves, and tying someone upright is no solution, IMO that would be equivalent to tying you or I upright in a kitchen chair. A basic chair has no support, no pressure relief and sitting in one for endless hours each day is just plain wrong. If she can't be transferred to a better chair provided by the facility then the family needs to find a way to provide one.
Once they can no longer hold themselves upright they shouldn't be using a simple, basic chair. Ask how to get her fitted for a chair with supports (it will take an OT), there are many makes and models. Early on I opted to get my mom a tilt in place chair with custom cushions and headrest because I anticipated that was eventually where she would be spending all the time she wasn't in bed, the only thing I had to change was to upgrade to a ROHO cushion. It definitely wasn't cheap, but some of the cost could be covered - sorry I'm not knowledgeable enough in that department to point you in the right direction.
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