How can I find out where Mom and Dad's Social Security checks are deposited?

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I have written in many questions and I am sorry for being a pest but our family is in turmoil at the hands of my sister and brother-in-law. Anyway, it turns out SIS (recently revoked POA and trustee) was stealing from Mom and Dad. My parents do not know where their Social Security is deposited. I want to take them to the banks to remove SIS from their accounts, but I have no clue where to start. Does Social Security have a website to help figure this out? I believe all SS checks HAVE to be direct deposited, right???

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Call your Area Agency on Aging office. They will be able to point you in the right direction to find the relevant contact details. Hand the phone to your mother if they need her permission to speak to you. Best of luck, let us know how you're doing.

Did your mother give you a new POA, by the way, remind me? It'll make your life easier if she did.
Yes, 2 days ago Mom and Dad changed POA and trustee now SIS and BIL are being verbally abusing to Mom and trying to manipulate Dad into giving them property that SIS will eventually inherit but not now. Totally disgusting. Thanks for the advice.
Shaking my head. They're being abusive because they're offended. They're offended because your parents have rejected their "help." Your parents have rejected them as POAs because they are WORSE THAN USELESS at it!!! But there's just no way of telling someone that nicely, is there..?

Well done for stepping up, hope things calm down soon.
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SIS should be arrested and your parents press charges against her. SIS and BIL's abusive behavior needs reporting also.
I agree, log and report any incidents of abuse.

Following up the financial abuse issues, though; all in good time, eh. I think Concerned probably has enough on her plate for the time being just getting things in hand.
I totally agree SIS and BIL should be arrested. My brother thinks Mom and Dad would be more happy with the family together BUT I do believe my brother is beginning to see this is what will eventually need to be done.
Eventually, yes. They will need to account for what they have done.

But immediately? The important thing is to get your parents' lives back under responsible control. And how they would feel about their daughter and husband being arrested is important, too. Apart from not upsetting them - though that does matter too because their peace of mind is an essential part of their overall welfare - it is going to be more difficult and more complicated to establish what exactly took place (and therefore make any potential charges stick) if your parents are giving statements under protest.
Social Security does have to go to direct deposit. However, If the recipient does not provide a bank account number, SS will issue a debit card and the funds will deposited into an account controlled by the Government. Unless things have changed in the last seven years.
That is where I would start looking, as stated above Contact SS with your parents beside you and see if you can find out anything. If a debit card was issued and your parents are not aware of it you have more ammunition for your case.
Also do your parents have a SS on line account with SS? If so things may have been changed without their knowledge.
Y o u will need to take them to a SS office, yes I know, a PITA. As also has its own form to register you as the person authorized to perform business with their accounts.
What is PITA?

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