How are you preventing UTIs?


Do you have an answer for family members who are getting frequent/chronic urinary tract infections?



Hygiene, hydration and a cranberry/d-mannose liquid supplement
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I had a bladder infection myself a few months ago so I searched online as it was the weekend. Several people swore by D-Manniose. It is the ingredient in Cranberry that makes bacteria not stick to the bladder wall. Lots of people swear by Cranberry but drinking a sugary drink does not help with anything and Cranberry is too tart to not have some form of sweetener. So, the D-Manniose is a powder that is sweet and you mix it with water. It is the "sugar complex" ? that is in the cranberry. If you can google it. I believe it helps me. You could administer it every day, I believe.
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My experience is this:

Moms last UTI was in Oct of 2016, she passed Sept 2017 without another incident. The main problem is they don't void completely. My Moms Dementia had progressed to where when I said push (I could tell she hadn't gone long enough) she had no idea what I was talking about. If they still go to the toilet, let them sit for a while. While Mom was in the hospital, they catherized her to get all the urine out of her bladder, it was almost brown. They started her on antibiotics and a cranberry tablet that was continued until she died. Cranberry juice from the store has sugar in it. Straight juice is too bitter/tart so tablets were good. She was also put on a probiotic to prevent yeast infections while on antibiotics. They were also continued since Mom had trouble with yeast infections.

I agree about the Depends. I can't use Kotex products so I can see that maybe a brand of Depends maybe the problem. Even the toilet tissue used. No powders. Remember, these Depends don't breath.

About the continuous catheter. I was a secretary for a VNA. My head nurse said catheters were bad for people with ongoing UTI problems. Even called a doctor on it when he prescribed one for a patient. She had no problem going to the bathroom. Because she was a big lady, her aides didn't want to get her up to go.
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Good morning Josh,

I'm not a doctor ..just mom's caregiver speaking to our experience. Mom's had lifelong UTI and bladder infections. Most docs just said some people more last 3 years she had 4 infections with no symptoms ( that she mentioned) no strong odor or color but ended up in that cycle we know too well--- had a fall , ambulance , hospitalized for sepsis .. 28 day rehab .. back home weaker than before. She's a different person today than 3 years ago( but I guess aren't we all)

Long story still long , I only bore you with the details to say I'm glad you take the UTIs seriously. Hygiene definitely big part... lots of water( repeatedly have to remind mom diet coke doesn't count in water intake , lol ) ...and we do the d- mannose like others wisely mentioned. A new doc joined our team and prescribed Methenamine Hippurate..fingers crossed but we haven't had a UTI in 6 months.In my reading it says it does not get rid of an active infection but keeps them from coming back.
As I said though , I'm not a doctor I just play one on TV but figured it may be something you want to bring up at your loved ones next appt. Just my 2¢ for what it's worth..

Have a great day !!!
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Mother's UTI's only became bearable when she went to a full time internal catheter. She'd had a supra pubic one for ages, but it leaked (as does the internal one, they aren't perfect) but she has done better--goes a couple months w/o an infection now. I imagine the catheter is miserable to live/walk with, but I don't think she really has much sensation of pain anymore.

Also turned out she was wiping from back to front--somebody finally discovered that after 88 years! That's a sure way to force bacteria into the urethra.

She won't drink enough, so that's a continuing problem. At lunch the other day she drank less than 4 oz. It was a hot day and I downed a 20 oz drink AND 20 oz of water. Being chronically dehydrated makes UTI's harder to clear and easier to get.
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Adult diapers are a double-edged sword. They can cause all sorts of trouble, especially UTIs and yeast infections. If the patient is able to get up and down at all, I recommend a bedside commode or a pee bottle (they make them for women too), no underwear at night, pee pads under and on top of a sheet. One gentleman here, doing a PHENOMENAL job of caring for his wife, said he gets her up frequently to pee and uses some type of bidet after every trip to the restroom.
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It is 4 a.m., and I have been awake since 1:00 a.m. The reason I am telling you this, Josh, is that if one empties their bladder frequently, even overnight, that helps to prevent bladder infections, aka UTI's.

Another prevention is to drink plenty of water.

It has been said, studied, debated too, that drinking cranberry juice helps.

Then, are you asking for a female or male patient, are you the caregiver, is the patient bedridden, incontinent, wearing a catheter? Because all that would make a difference in how preventions are done. It depends....
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There is a British doctor who has had success treating recurring UTIs. I post information on his work a month or so ago. He goes into the science of recurrent infections and why they recur.
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I'm answering to bump up your question - this is a popular topic, you might try searching the site (open the menu beside the AgingCare logo) for "preventing uti" while you wait for answers.
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