My sister is in a group home with mentally handicapped patrons. She also is mentally disabled. Her check doesn't cover all her care and we have had to come up with $400 out of pocket a month to cover the difference. We are retired and my own husband is disabled! We are having a tough time meeting this monthly expense. Is there anything we can do to get some help for her (and us)?

It sounds to me like you are being squeezed. Something doesn't add up, Medicaid generally pays in full for all basic medical needs. I can almost guarantee you there are others in that group home that have no family (or at least no family that is involved) that is paying $400 a month out of pocket. I once worked in a group home for mentally ill adults. All of their needs were covered by whatever they brought in from their SSI or SSDI check. They even had money left over for cigarettes, although we did have to budget for them.
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BarbBrooklyn Feb 17, 2024
That was very much my thought. I wonder who is telling the poster she needs to send $400 each month?
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Family is not responsible financially for a disabled person 18 or over. Even as a Guardian you are not financially responsible. You are responsible for seeing that the money they have is used properly.

I would talk to someone in your county Disabilities Dept. She maybe entitled to Supplimental income. Maybe even help from Medicaid. My nephew gets help from the State. Maybe time to switch sister to a Long-term care facility and Medicaid help with her care.
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Does she have a caseworker?

Is she on Medicaid? Is she getting SSDI?

Is she under 65?
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If she's mentally disabled she surely has a legal guardian. Who is it? If it was one or both of your parents and they are now deceased, someone *must* have been court-ordered as her legal representative. If she is mentally disabled she would not have been able to assign her own PoA.

It is very helpful to know the answer to this question so that we can give you the most appropriate guidance.

"Adult foster care in Florida is provided in Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH). These serve between one and five persons and are covered benefits under the Statewide Managed Medicaid Care – Long Term Care program."

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nursepam117: You may have to retain an attorney.
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Apply for Medicaid. Then you will need to see if the home she is in accepts Medicaid.

it can be a long process, but it will help her out in the long run.
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doesnt sound legit especially if shes been on ssidisabilty, consult a lawyer.
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Contact Medi-Caid, Medi-cal, Medi-care.
Check with the social worker at the facility.
You may want to hire a medical social worker - or someone who knows about these things.

Gena / Touch Matters
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We have a program here called IRIS. It is funded through Medicaid and will help pay for caregivers and things needed in the home. They also allow family to be caregivers, so if you are caring for someone at home and struggling to get by to pay for the things they need IRIS can help.

It is preferable she could stay with family and have them help care for her. I have seen horrible neglect and abuse in nursing homes and even group homes.

Please check to see if she is on Medicaid ...that is a start. I am sure she is eligible because of her income. Then look into what programs are available to help!
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AlvaDeer Feb 24, 2024
You say "we have HERE....". Can you tell us what state you are in, FamilyNeeded? And I wonder if others have similar programs. Would think the OP's local council on aging might know.
It seems that your sister will qualify for Medicaid because of her limited income and resources. Check with the state/county in which your sister lives to see if she qualifies for Medicaid.
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