We are living my our self, just me and my husband in our home. He need a lot of help , he have medical and can't take of himself. I don't want to quit my job. I need to work we have a lot of bill to paid every month. I need some to come to my house to help me with my husband so that I can go to work. Please we need help.

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Call and ask his Medi-Cal caseworker for a new needs assessment. Having him stay at home with you rather than be in a care center is to the state's financial advantage. Many states have programs that help make that possible. I don't know what is available in California but it is important that you find out as soon as possible.

One thing available and paid for by Medicaid in some states is adult day health programs. It would be a safe and fun place your husband could go while you work. Most provide transportation, breakfast and lunch, and even other additional services such as helping with showers, toenail clipping, etc. It is an opportunity to interact with other adults. My husband didn't like to participate in the craft activities but he could sit in a comfortable recliner and read.

I sincerely hope you find suitable help. Start with the caseworker. And please let us know how this works out for you.
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