Our son, about 30 years old, needs supervision for medication compliance and help with paperwork and can't live independently. As we get older, we are less able to help him. The psychs have done what they can but his diagnoses are overwhelming (paranoid schizophrenia. s/p drug use, ADHD, bizarre behaviors,etc.). I have heard from others with similar children that they can't find assisted or supervised group living for these younger men. What do others do in this situation? I'm hoping somebody knows what to do....

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There is also something called Supervised Living, which is exactly for people like your son. I stumbled upon it.while looking for respite care. Whereas Assisted Living is for seniors, Supervised Living is residentiAl care facility for adults all ages, who need assistance with living.
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Thanks for all the good ideas! I'm already investigating them.
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Group homes for disabled adults exist. Here in NY we have People Inc, Opportunities Unlimited, Aspire and others that operate both sheltered workshops and small residences. Ask your county office for the disabled what is available in your area.
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NPI, Assisted Living, Mental Illness, Washington State
This might be a helpful site.
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In understand your concerns about your son. Will you be able to leave him any funds that would support his care? How is his care being supported now?

I see you live in Washington state. So, I googled housing for adults with a mental illness in washington state. Here are some links that I found.

Washington State Mental Mental Health Housing Plan

Washington state department of Mental Health Services

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness which is made up of family members of someone with a mental illness and their loved ones who have a mental illness.

I would contact NAMI-Washington and see if they know of any resources.

I'd also look to see if their is a NAMI affiliate in your area.

Here's a site about finding good housing for someone who has a severe mental illness.

I hope this helps.

Keep posting and let us know how things are going.
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