This is my first time visiting any type of support group and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question but I have to try. I have a father with advanced parkinsons. He was diagnosed about 20 years ago and he is now 67 years old. He is in a Board In Care home and he currently has full responsibility for his own financial and medical decisions.
He has been there for a year and they have had trouble with him from day one. He has been accusing them of hiding pills in his food. That is not new. He's done that for at least 15 years with his own family members and past in home caregivers.
Today I got a call from his caregiver that he is refusing to pay rent and is asking the caregiver to do sexually inappropriate things to him. Again, that is not new. His previous 3 in-home caregivers quit on him because of this. Until today, I hadn't heard of him being inappropriate for the last year so I thought those episodes were over.
He requires full 24/7 care. There is nothing he can do for himself. He cannot even sit up on his own or get in and out of bed.
The caregivers are frustrated with him and want me to fix the situation. I want him to be psychologically evaluated but he refuses to go to a Dr. A Dr came to the house and he refused to speak to the Dr.
He was diagnosed with sever depression many years ago but refused all medication and all therapy/counseling.
He is currently not taking any of his Parkinson's medication either.
What is the next step I can take to try to resolve this situation for the caregivers at the Board in Care home? They are talking of potentially evicting him since he won't pay rent and is harassing his caregivers.
I do not have a good relationship with my dad. I never have. It's been 10x worse since he has moved into this board in care home. But I am the only one who will take care of him. His brothers and sisters and other children refuse to visit or even acknowledge that he is still alive because in all honesty, he is a very nasty terrible person who is emotionally abusive and manipulative.
I just don't think I can live with myself if I let him be homeless. I do not like this man at all and only take care of him because I feel so guilty that everyone else in his life has left him. Rightly so though. He was a mean man to everyone who came across him and the choices he has made in his life are what brought him to this miserable state of being all alone.
He is refusing to see a Dr, he won't pay rent, he doesn't eat because he thinks he is being poisoned and he is verbally harassing the caregivers (he is too weak to physically harasses anyone)
What do I do? Who can I turn to for help with a man who refuses all help? (I'm in California)

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I agree with getting him evaluated and put into either a mental care hospital or a nursing home where they can get him the mental care help he needs. If he's had untreated mental illness for years (it sounds like), he needs a lot of help that is far beyond your capacity to deliver on your own. Get the big guns in there (Adult Protective Services) to help. He needs to be fully evaluated, whether he wants to be or not. He has mental illness, so isn't in a position to make his own decisions about these things. Hugs to you for trying to help, when he's driven everyone else in his life away.
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Call aps asap. He needs to have a guardian appointed by the state?
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He sounds far too impaired for the average or even the above average assisted living. I think he would be nursing home qualified and Baker Act qualifed from your description of his functional status and his paranoid delusions. He may be a nasty terrible person, but he is also a mentally ill and probably seriously misdiagnosed person. Depression alone, or even depression with Parkinson's, does not cause this level of paranoia. Schizophreniform psychosis is one of the cruelest of illnesses, because there are not too many other things that make you think the treatment for your illness is a poison you should not touch with a ten foot pole. It also makes you think the people who care for you are out to get you, and leaves you utterly failing to recognize the things that are actually dangerous. Like going unmedicated for serious illness and not paying your rent.

I hope the powers that be will recognize that he is not competent and cannot be left to call the shots...he's got a choice of being declared incompetent or of being a criminal. You can't just refuse to pay bills and sexually harass everyone forever with no consequences. Sorry you have to deal with all the fallout from something totally not your fault and not under your control! You do not necessarily have to be the guardian yourself, either - get a decent SW to help with your realistic options.
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Goodness gracious have the social worker file a petition for Guardianship or do it yourself before he has to live under a bridge!
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Let's look at this realistically: letting your father become homeless is not exactly an option here. Caring for him in your home is not an option, and apparently the Board-in-Care home is also no longer an option. (I've never heard a facility called that before, but I assume it is something like Assisted Living, where residents have assistance but maintain some independence.)

If your father is as bad off as you're saying, it may be time to look into calling Adult Protective Services for help in taking legal guardianship of him so that you can have him placed in a full-time care facility (like a nursing home) where he can be cared for by people who have the training to deal with his sort of disorders/behavior issues.

Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't see too many other options. I'm sure others will chime in with suggestions as well.
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