Trying to help a recently widowed senior that has dementia. Any advice?


Also has a 4 year old dependent try to stay in home, needs to modify mrg. get homeowner ins pay bk taxes has no transportation, lost 1/3 of income about $1700 basic bills, mtg., utilities, cable and phone are about $1575.

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There comes a point when a homeowner can no longer afford to live in their home due to deduction in income, and major repairs that happen without warning. Yikes, no homeowners insurance? Normally that would be included in the mortgage payments each month unless this was a private house loan.

Re-financing the house isn't a good option, as it sounds like the homeowner probably wouldn't be able to pay the financing fees that are involved. It would be better to take whatever equity is in the home and downsize to a rental where most of the utilities are paid.
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Definitely call Social Services.

It sounds like you are concerned about her finances, and this is critical. I hope that Social Services will have lots of suggestions.

A person with dementia generally cannot live alone, let alone be responsible for a child. Social Services will need to help with that, also.
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Call your county Social Services. They need a caseworker ASAP
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