He has Alzheimer's. I am currently employed but need to be available for my husband on a 24-7 there a program that will pay me to stay with him on a 24 hour basis

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Majority of spouses do not get paid for caring for their love ones, unless the love one is financially able to pay from his or her own funds. If your husband can afford to pay you, the husband might as well hire a certified trained caregiver… thus allowing you to keep your full-time job and benefits.

Check to see if your husband could qualify for Medicaid…. each State has different income/eligibility requirements the person must meet. If your State has such a program to pay a spouse to care for their ill spouse, you might feel your husband needs 24 hours of care, the program might decide only 4 hours. And you may need to take some health care courses to qualify. Plus there is a question as to if the State will pay a relative if he/she lives full-time with the person.

Check with your local Council on Aging to see what is available for an Aide to come to the house for a couple of hours. There is no way you can do the job of three Caregivers who each work an 8-hour shift, they get to go home and get a good night sleep thus refreshed for the next day. You would have Caregiver burnout which comes quickly, in a matter of months for some.
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