Today everything in my live fall apart when the agency called and told me that I don't have service, and then the caregiver told to leave that I don't have long term care.

My dog for fourteen years died, he was my best friend pom.

Now I don't have care. I'm a 😭quad.

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Get in touch with a social worker. You should qualify for help! Call your state agencies to seek the help you need! I am sorry you lost your pom, but hope you can take comfort in many years of memories with it!
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Call the crisis line in your area and tell them of your situation.
Call your doctor and ask for information regarding a social worker visit.
Yes, losing a pet is devastating and it never gets easier.  Right now, your need for long term care and lack of service is a more pressing nature.  Another pet will happen later on when things settle down.
Contact your church, your family, your friends and seek for temporary assistance.  There are service agencies that can assist you in this, but you have to let them know of your needs.  Press your previous agency for answers as to what to do with your situation.  There is MOW, there are clothing closets, there is home health, churches have programs to assist the needy.  Work that computer and research in your area for help.  When all seems lost, tie a knot on your rope and hang on.  Things will change, but you must give it some time and be patient waiting for that.
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Yes, we need more info. Your profile says you are caring for someone. Please if this is true, don't post 3rd party. It gets very confusing.

Are you in the US. If not what country are u from. Most of our members are from the US, others UK, Canada and other countries chime in.

What kind of service were you receiving? Were you in the hospital and then getting homecare? If in the US, homecare usually bills Medicare and once the person hits a plateau, Medicare no longer pays and the person is discharged. After that, the person needs to private pay a caregiver if needed.
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So sorry you are having such a difficult day.

Please fill out your profile and provide some more information so we can respond with some helpful suggestions. Are you in the US? How old are you? Have you been receiving in home care following an injury and now need LTC?
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I’m so sorry for your problems. God bless you. Take care. Hugs!
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Did your dog die? I am so very sorry for your loss.

Are there photos of your dog to help remember the good memories?

It's totally ok to feel sad.
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