My Mom is always watching the news and it adds to her depression and bad attitude. Does anyone else have this issue?

I'm really dreading this election year...
Mom keeps saying she is going to stop watching the news, because it causes her to worry so much, but the next thing I hear is the news. She has it on most of the day. She fights depression and it only makes her more depressed and have a bad attitude towards everything. If I go in sit in the same room with her she will let me change the channel, but she continues to talk about how bad everything is. Even though I live here and am her full-time care giver I can't sit and watch TV all day. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Anything to do with the presidential election depresses me and I am Canadian.
I've got a horrible feeling that Donald Trump could actually win. Since I can't vote I'm begging all you Americans please don't let that happen. You think its depressing now, can you imagine how depressing the news would be if he won.
My mother-in-law listens to talk radio all day -- she's visually impaired and doesn't watch TV. Same problem with negativity, though. She will often use the dinner table to rant about whatever she's heard during the day. We have a 9 year-old son - he's not at all happy with the negative tone and having the conversation high-jacked. Anyway, we have a "conversation cup" on the table, with questions "What historical even would you go back and change" "What would you change about yourself" etc. When things get too negative, we redirect with a coversation-starter from that cup. It helps.
Gershun, I don't know if we will ever have a wall on the Mexican border, but I think Canada should be looking into a wall on their border, to keep the immigration of US citizens into Canada an orderly process, if one of most horrific candidates somehow gets elected.
I agree about the advertising especially, Katie - ever since the rules were relaxed on what products could be shown on TV, it's gone from bad to worse. There I am trying to enjoy my regular crime drama, and in the breaks I'm warned about stress incontinence, thrush, erectile dysfunction, heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea and menstrual leakage - I feel my shoulders slump a little more with every ad.
This may be an unpopular opinion but "the news" in the united states is not news its propaganda and political commentary bought by the highest bidder. They try to instil fear in the general population. If you really want to find out what is going on watch broadcasts from other countries.
I finally deactivated my Facebook account. Every day I was getting these heartrending stories about people abusing, torturing and doing every cruel unimaginable thing to their pets, other people's pets etc. I received one the other day which looked pretty innocent. A guy boiled water on his stove and when his cat came to the door.............well you get the picture. I just rehear the screams from that cat every minute. more FB for me. And yes, I did try to reset my settings to weed out those stories but I guess since I'm an animal lover they just somehow found me. So.............good riddance FB!
My dad loves Fox News. It really upsets him, though. My mom and I have warned him about it, but he's having trouble giving it up. However, he's so disgusted with the Presidential candidates, that he vows, he's not voting this time. lol We'll see. I think that the more we see of election stuff, the more likely he may stop it.

I bought him some adult coloring books, since he used to be very good at painting and drawing when he was younger. I hope it works.
I think ALL the political ridiculous comments on here SHOULD BE DELETED by whomever runs this site. Talk about biased and mean! We don't all share your political views and I didn't think this was a political forum, so please rant elsewhere ! And to answer the question, yes, my mom constantly watches the news because she thinks this younger generation is spoiled, takes our freedoms for granted and so hers must remain vigilant!
I personally avoid CNN. They take a disaster and make it a six- month story. Run the sad footage over and over and over again. I don't have dementia but watching all that would make anyone depressed. I don't want to hide my head in the sand but there is a limit.
Mom's obsessed with CNN. It's like she enjoys being upset!
I change the channel, but somehow she gets it back to CNN.
She needs to have something to fret about.

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