When my Mama died I had found that getting back into my regular routine helped. I had a class I was taking, I continued that, I had hobby groups that I started attending again (because she was so sick for so long that I had to stop attending but I started again and was welcomed back with open arms). I attended one of those paint nights. But now that my Daddy is sick I had to stop my hobby classes again. However, the people keep in touch with a phone call or a text now and then. Also, I have a very close friend that attends those classes and she keeps me up to date.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I find music, not necessarily someone sining to it to be a big help, Thunderstorms as well, seriously.
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Yes, I understand your feelings.  I lost my dad in 1996, and now I am losing my mom.  I have been through two divorces, two attempts on my life ( car wreck with severe head injury, and cancer), and I am an only child.  No children, grandchildren, and the child I raised with husband #2 doesn't contact me and I have no idea where he is for the past eight years or so.  My life was my job, and now it's gone as well.  So, like I have done since I was 13 years old, I do volunteer work when I can, relish offers of doing something with someone if they want to get together, and try to find a reason to keep on going while I deal with my mom.  It is hard, very hard.  Each day I wake up wondering if today is the day I get the call that my mom has died.  I've seen this same pattern with my uncle, and it nearly took his life after dealing with a wife who had Alzheimer's.  It has been a hard struggle, but he is now about 10 years past her death, and he found a reason to go on.  Do what you can for yourself.  Church?  Volunteer?  See what is out there so that you can feel needed and wanted and help others as well.  There are many opportunities out there to be useful to someone or something.  Keep in touch with us on this site.  We are facing similar situations as well.  We need each other even though we don't know each other.
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I am so sorry you have lost your mom. If this is a recent loss you must give yourself some time to adjust. Try to find a support group to share your grief. I’m glad you came here. Would you like to tell us more about what happened? Try to keep a regular routine with bathing and dressing and eating, getting out for walks and taking rest. The rhythm of life will return. You honor your mom by caring for yourself. Take care.
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Hi Joyce,

I'm so sorry you lost your. mom. I recently lost my Dad and my Mom is in a memory care. I don't have my own family either and my siblings were not supportive of me.. so I am also going it alone.

It is a hard lonely road of grief.... especially without family support. Keep posting here as there are lots of supportive people... or message me sometime..

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