My mom has been suffered depression problems since my father was passed away. The big problems is when she was alone, she talking with somebody (there's no one) and talking about need to pay back her money. My mom has been faced a lot of problems when I was young age.

In this time,I'm really hard to do caring about my mom and finding money for us. But I'm still trying for us, if I don't no one gonna can help us. When I was young, she care about me everything even facing with terrible problems she aways by my side. I need to care my mom and I'm glad to hear any ideas from this group and hopefully useful ideas.

Thanks for everyone!

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I’m sorry for you and your mother. How sad for you both. If your parent were married for a long time, your mother is trying to get used to life without him. She is grieving for him.

I am not familiar with help for Senior Citizens in Myanmar. If she sees a doctor, you can ask them if they know of any agencies who can help. Here in the USA we have help with food, clothing and health care for Seniors. Your mother may have dementia/Alzheimer’s. Talking to people who aren’t really there is not a normal thing. She needs to see her doctor.
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Aungkophyo Apr 2019
Thanks for you're advices.
I'm also thinking like you said .
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