I have been caring for my mother now since 2007 of May and the needs for a quadriplegic (completely paralyzed) is more extensive than that of an average elderly person, not to sound judgmental but it's true. I have cared for elderly people so I know firsthand and it's more intense dealing with my mother whose a quadriplegic. I had to leave my job, college, and find a new home to accommodate my mother's needs. Her chair is custom made and it won't fit into standard sized doors along with her hospital bed because she's a big woman. On top of all of this when she was in a car accident in 2007, the gentleman that hit (SUV rear-ended her car from behind and broke her neck) didn't have any insurance, so she wasn't compensated in any kind of way. I live in Georgia and the laws here are crazy!! How can I receive compensation when all she gets is disability? I don't get help from my family and she has a home help agency that comes out 2 times a week for 2.5 hrs. to bathe her and feed her. The agency only approved her for 5 hrs a week which we split the hrs. in half to give me a break in a sense, which I need more time than that. I need help to be pointed in the right direction. I have tried area on area on aging agencies and disability connections. Help for quads are really limited but the Shepard Center warned us and told us that it would be and they were absolutely right about that!!! Can I get paid through medicare or medicaid or does my mother need a private insurance. She already have one and they don't cover those type of expenses. If you have any information that you feel would be helpful I would highly appreciate it!!!

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Hello lalitahenry,
Here is an article with numerous resources where you may find help for your situation.

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