Who can help me cope when Mom is getting worse?


I am very depressed to see my mom's medical situation is getting worse everyday,

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shirley, I am sorry you are going through this. One day I hope they have a cure for PD, but for now you can just let your mother know how loved she is. It is heartbreaking to watch our loved ones slip away and not be able to pull them back. It may help you to learn more about what happens when someone dies, so that you are at peace with what is happening. I wish we knew things for sure, but I guess we won't know all the details until we die ourselves. I have a feeling, though, that we will be with the people we loved again on the other side. I think this is one reason that loving is so important while we're here on earth. It sounds like you have a lot of love for your mother, so I know that whatever happens you will be with her again someday.
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Find Parkinson's Support Group at 675 Almanor Ave, Sunnyvale, CA. Call them at (408) 542-5610. Go to a meeting and share your experience. You will feel so much better. Many hands lighten the load.
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This site is very supportive, but you may prefer a more personal approach. Have you looked for Parkinson's support groups in your area. If mom is ready for Hospice, they too have suport groups.
You can always check "meetups" in your area for support groups.
If support groups are not enough look for a therapist or psychologist in your insurance.
I assume you are not closely affiliated with a church, or you would have tried there first,but God always welcomes you back.
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