I got him dressed and in the car took ride. He settled for stopping for take out and we came home. He was fairly settled till bed time then decided to wear his hat to bed. I am finding it difficult to handle the desire to leave the house.

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Littlerivermrs, usually when an elder who has memory issues says they want to go home, it is usually their childhood home.... back when life was so much simpler and fun.

My Mom was living in long-term-care and she, too, wanted to go home. Of course, going home was totally out of the question. So I just used "therapeutic fibs" by saying "maybe tomorrow" to which would make Mom happy and by tomorrow she totally forgot. Usually there is an instant replay the next day, so I would just use another fib.

I have heard, but never tried, was to place a black throw rug in front the exterior doors. Someone with serious memory issues would think it was a black hole and wouldn't step on it.
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Is this a relatively new behavior? Maybe check for a UTI. Is he on anti anxiety meds? My mom took Seroquel, it helped a lot.

It was smart to go for a ride and pick up food, always a great distraction.
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