HC proxy was invoked and triggered Mom's DPOA. While trying to set up NeuroPsych appointment, my sister removed my mom and is hiding her. Any advice?



Do you think your mother was taken against her will -- kidnapped? That is a criminal matter. Call the police.

Could Mom have asked Sister to "hide" her somewhere so that she wouldn't have to go to a doctor? If Mom is in on it, I don't suppose it is illegal, but just ill-advised. Is Mom still competent to make her own decisions?

Do you know how to get in touch with Sister, so you can give that information to police or APS for a wellness check?

Any idea why sister is doing this? Is she perhaps in denial about Mom's health? Is she "protecting" Mom from her mean children? Or is there something else going on? Has this sister ever talked directly to Mom's doctors?
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Call police to do a welfare check at mom's last known location and to talk to sis.
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