She has been in a nursing facility 4 yrs. She is 86 yrs old, has had several strokes, cannot speak or eat anything by mouth and she has a peg tube. My sister has durable but not medical power of attorney. We want to change her directive to DNR, how can we do this?

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Sorry, see she has a directive. I think you are going to have to honor it or she is cognitive enough to change it.
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Is Mom cognitive? If so she can make her own decision concerning her health. My daughter had already talked to Mom about staying alive by artificial means and if dementia set in. Her Medical POA stated no excessive means to keep her alive. So, getting a DNR was no problem and doctor signed off. Does Mom have a living will or in writing what she wants or doesn't want? If so, that is her directive and I wouldn't go against her wishes.
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Talk to her Dr. I don't know how it works, but families manage to get things changed to DNR in the hospital all the time. If she was lucid I'd tell you show her videos of what CPR really looks like.. its brutal and awful and does lots of damage.. broken ribs, punctured lungs and hearts.. not at all like it looks like on TV. I have seen families change their mind on that really quickly once they are in the room when it happens, and often in the ICU they ARE in the room,, we don't wait for them to say goodbye ,we'll be back and politely leave.. we jump on things and get it going!
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