Now im having much difficulty without that  authority. The trustee n guardian have already taken my mum off me which has since been revoked .so i prefer Not to deal with the heartless mongrels is there any other way i can get authority to manage my mums affairs . Thnx

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You'll have to deal with the heartless mongrels if you want to get anywhere, I'm afraid. Like it or lump it - but with practice, you can get quite good at it. There's a certain satisfaction in that; plus you get to help your mother, which is what matters.
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Magnum, I read through the other posts and SP kidnapped mom from the hospital, then called them to say she was not bringing her back.

SP, doing something like that will make it very difficult to regain any sort of control over your mum, regardless of the circumstances. By kidnapping her your own ability to care for mom properly will be questioned.
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Here's what I have been able to piece together from your past answers to questions.

1. Your mother has severe dementia.

2. You took care of your mother by yourself for 16 years.

3. Your mom went to the hospital. They would not let you take her home, but placed her in a nursing home and somehow arranged for her to be under a guardian.

4. You are in Australia.

5. You have been trying to get authority over your mother for some time given you asked a similar question 6 months ago.

What were the hospital's reasons for not letting you take her home and getting a guardian assigned to her plus place her in a nursing home?

Whatever those reasons were present you with the hurdle that you must clear in challenging who is the guardian along with requesting that guardianship be changed to you. 
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So, your mother is incompetent and been assigned a guardian by the court which has been revoked? So, who is her guardian now?

Have I understood the description of your situation correctly?
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If she has a guardian now you would have to get an attorney, go to court and convince the judge that the current setup is not in mom's best interest.
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