My grandma just moved in with us what do I need to do now?


My grandma was living out of state with my uncle she is now in Ohio living with us and we are not sure what bank accounts ,credit cards vehicles or homes she may have or if he(my uncle) has a power of attorney . How can I find this information out

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You might think about getting an Elder Law Attorney to help you search out these items.   With permission from your Grandmother, in writing, while at the Attorney's office, the Staff can used Grandmother's social security number to see what is out there with her SS#.

I agree with Sunnygirl above, moving to a new State, there will be new State laws, so maybe Grandmother [if she is of sound mind] can do all new legal documents.

Oh, do you know if Grandmother is on Medicaid?   This is different from Medicare, if she is old enough to even get Medicare [starts at 65].   If Grandmother was on Medicaid where she use to live, she now needs to apply for Medicaid in Ohio.   This is important to start the change over immediately.

Why did Grandmother stopped living with her son?   I can see where it could have been way too much for him to handle, thus the change.... or did he become ill?
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Is there some reason your grandma can't tell you where her POA document is and about her finances? You'll need the original document. You might contact her attorney, but, normally they just keep copies. I'd consult with an attorney in your state, if you can't locate it and if grandma is competent, she can do a new one that complies with the laws of her new state.
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