For the past 30 years I have shared living in a duplex with my parents, I lived in one resident and my parents in another. Last fall, my husband and I moved in to take care of my mom who is 86 years old and requires 24/7 care due to dementia and mobility issues. After my father died in 2008, a younger brother (with a wife and family) was living with her and caring for her needs until he purchased a house and moved out.

My oldest brother is particularly upset that we moved in with my mom and has made a difficult situation more difficult. He had plans to move in but being that he has not worked and could not afford the payments associated with the house, I moved in at the same time my other brother moved out.

My oldest brother shares POA with another sibling who also disagrees with his actions. He feels that because I work full-time, I am wasting the care giving hours provided by In-home Supportive Services and that I should pay for my mom's care. He totally dismisses the time/hours/efforts spent providing for my mom's care/needs after work and during the weekends. We disagree on ownership of the property and we have incurred attorney fees, he has split up our family and now his daughters have cut themselves off from the family. I could go on and on but what I need a way to let go of my hate of this person and focus on my mom and my and immediate family's well-being. I also need to let go of built up resentment of other siblings who are not able to help with my mom.


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It's always all about the money. That is why I wrote my father's Will and made sure NONE of us got even a dime. It all went to his third wife. Take the ultimate revenge and make sure there are not even two nickels left for anyone to fight over. End of hostilities. You will feel much better. I sure did.
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